Les Vignes

Building Heritage
GPS coordinate : 44.278536 3.228296

Les Vignes is a little village by the Tarn river, at the bottom of Causse de Sauveterre limestone plateau, facing the Causse Méjean.

Located in a sun-lit part of the valley, the place is ideal for terrace vine culture, which developed in the 18th century. The village is named from this culture (in French, « Les Vignes » means « Vineyard »). However, in the 20th century, the terrace vineyards by the Tarn river disappeared little by little because of mechanisation and phylloxera.

Once, pine logs were thrown in the « pines ravine’ from the edge of the Causse Méjean down to Les Vignes. From there, the logs were carried by the river to the harbours where they were used to build ships. Opposite, on the Causse de Sauveterre, heavy stone grinders were thrown in the « grinders ravine ».