Signal de Mailhebiau

Natural Heritage
GPS coordinate : 44.567891 3.082308

Signal de Mailhebiau is the highest place of the Aubrac region, 1469 metres high. This peak, which has very gentle slopes, offers a beautiful viewpoint over the whole plateau of Aubrac but also of Mont Aigoual (in the Cévennes), Mont Lozère, the mounts of Margeride, etc. An orientation table can be used, on which is written a poem celebrating the beauty of the land.


The Mailhebiau is a very eroded volcano where « volcanic bombs » (thrown pieces of lava) can be found. In the Aubrac region other volcanos can be hardly detected, because they are buried under a thick layer of basalt.


The Mailhebiau is covered with pasture land where cows of the Aubrac breed graze in the summer.

Don’t miss this summit ! But be careful : the path is not marked out and you will have to cross some fences (don’t forget to close them behind you).


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