Beware! – New path of the itinerary on the Causse de Blandas

Due to difficulties related to non-renewed passes and the presence of sheepdogs, the GR 7 route was redesigned between the towns of Montdardier and Blandas.

It should be noted that the GRs are often subject to the permission of the owners. When the parcels crossed are private property, that permission can be withdrawn, in the case of problems. This is why we recommend that hikers behave in an exemplary manner so that they do not have to deal with such situations.

The new itinerary is online on the interactive map of the site of Chemin de St Guilhem (TM) Which was actually ready in time but is not yet on the guidebook paper. (4834 GR).

Download the new map with the GR 7 indicated in dark blue

Follow the GR tags carefully out of Montdardier and you will be able to appreciate the work of the volunteers of the FFR who had to do emergency work to restore the path for the 2015 season.

During a short period devoted to development work on the new GR, the hikers had to take the departmental road. We regret this and apologise to those whose feet have suffered on the tarmac!