Convention with the Cévennes National Park

February 20 th 2013 will be a date to remember for the members of the Friends of the chemin of St Guilhem.

Indeed, the agreement signed with the Park that day, follows the two previously signed with the Departmental Committee of Tourism of Lozère and the department of Gard.

We agreed that for a period of three years they will facilitate exchanges between the signing parties, who must meet at least once a year and will make use of the interconnections.

On the other hand, an icon dedicated to the chemin of Saint Guilhem will soon be revealed, and the Park is committed to integrating it into its own signalling in its central zone. We can also use it along the whole route, which will greatly facilitate the orientation of the hikers.

We may also use, subject to possible copyright, the Park’s photo library for our media.

The partnerships we put in place, will contribute to the creation of local dynamics and the connection of the routes that they create, between the impressive territories, like the Great Sites or the Parks.

The great routes are home to many hikers, carrying an undeniable dynamic and bringing information to the fingertips, now the GPS in hand. They have become synonymous with irrigation of the territories, physical and sports activity, culture and economy, all of which co-exist harmoniously with one another in an exceptional natural environment.

Respect for nature, knowledge of the heritage and gentle travel are the elements that bring together the territorial players around associations such as ours, which are dedicated to promoting the Chemin de St Guilhem.