Green France trade fair in Clermont-Ferrand

In Clermont-Ferrand, the Green France trade fair brought together tourism professionals from the Auvergne region and the Massif Central to the Polydome in a very calm and studious atmosphere.

Contacts were made on this occasion by our association which was able to note the “eco-responsible” will of the organisers (photo) who had arranged recyclable meal trays and efficient sorting of the waste baskets.

The Pays Aigoual Cévennes was also present, as well as the representative of the association that develops Nordic sports in Auvergne and which recently took over the development plan of the chemin de St Guilhem at our request.

Next objective: The Assises of Tourism in Lozère October 18 in Sainte Lucie. We will now be able to bring our experience to the public after three years of work and the feedback we have accumulated.