La Canourgue inaugure

On June 11, a large crowd climbed, some on foot, and others by car, on the paths leading to the site of Roqueprins, which dominates the town of La Canourgue and on which, a via ferrata has recently been installed.

The mayor, Jacques Blanc, accompanied by the General Councillor Henri Blanc, the representative of the Prefect and his advisers, presented this project, other similar sites have been equipped like this in the Lozère.

Then it was the turn of the Way of Saint Guilhem to be presented by the president of the association who had no difficulty convincing his audience of the importance of the project in front of the magnificent panorama laid out in front of the ledge at Roqueprins, with the lovely village of La Canourgue coiled on the banks of the Lot and surrounded by infinite green landscapes.

Several local hosts, were present, and some came from the neighbouring Aubrac, to attend this friendly ceremony.

Some referred to the passage in their establishments of hikers or pilgrims traveling the Way of Saint Guilhem ™, information that was subsequently relayed by other sources, which allows us to say that the route is now functioning and very much appreciated!

The link is now renewed between nomads and pilgrims of the year 1000, the great summer transhumance of the herds that formerly practiced this route and our contemporaries, walking by foot on the chemin de Saint Guilhem, for pleasure.

Let us wish them good weather and pleasant journeys.

The assembly then parted, not without having done honour to the table set up in the open air and drunk the glass of friendship.