The Association of Friends of the Way of St Guilhem inaugurates its new website

Accueil du site


This site will respond, hopefully, to the requests of hikers and hosts that have reached us in recent years.
The old site, however well informed, had nevertheless aged and the ranking of its topics, lacked clarity for the users. It was also necessary to integrate contemporary digital technology and change the design, to make it more professional.
The liquidated association of Friends of the Aigoual, having capital to distribute, made a significant donation to the association of Friends of the Way of St Guilhem, which allowed the development of this new tool. We, representing all the active members of Way of St Guilhem, thank them very warmly here.

This tool works on the basis of an interactive map on which the different points of interest on request and click are displayed. The two routes can also be shown together or separately.
These points refer to the concerned topics or to the insertions of the hosts and partners.
The map is zoomable to 1/25000 (Views: road – satellite – IGN 1/25000). This gives an extremely accurate indication of the path in the terrain. By zooming in on this map, POIs (Points Of Interest) will be more and more visible and detached from each other.
The two routes (main and variant) were updated in June 2015.
Any changes will be mentioned in the blog section (Green tabs at the top and right of the page)La carte est zoomable jusqu’au 1/25000 (Vues : routière – satellite – IGN 1/25000).
Some small adjustments are certainly still to be made, be patient!
The site is also available on smartphone thanks to responsive design technology. (But to consult the map a wider screen is better!).
We hope that the partners will use the pages we propose to them (Transport – Agencies – Tourist Activities – Local products).
Thank you for drawing our attention to your comments or suggestions and also keeping the forum of the site lively with your messages.
Please let us know through “contact” of any problems, on the site, possibly encountered during your journey.
We will try to answer your questions if other users do not do it before …
We wish you a beautiful summer (and a no less beautiful autumn) …
For the association of Friends of the Way of St Guilhem