The Troupelade association

An association invites the Friends of chemin de St Guilhem

Troupelade is an association which currently has seventy-five congenial members and offers them activities based on hiking, walks or WE, and which sometimes travel far, like to Wales, where a couple of members have their origins.

This dynamic association is constantly evolving and grows from one year to the next. The increasing membership requires a more elaborate degree of organisation, since it’s not possible to manage a hundred people as we would four!

Troupelade also offers “yoga” to its members, an activity which is connected to the hike through initiation days, hiking + yoga.

The association of the Friends of the chemin de St Guilhem was invited to this general assembly as a neighbour, since its head office is in Vigan, at the foot of the causse of Blandas. Its president had the honour of opening the session, by explaining the unfolding of his work, which consists of developing this pedestrian route which Troupelade has already traveled throughout the southern sector.

The outgoing president, Jean-Jacques Kurowski, took advantage of this GA to pass the baton to a new candidate, that of Jean-Claude Loubet, estimating, that after six years at the head of the association, a change would be as beneficial for the members as for himself and would allow him to dedicate a little more time to the management of his gite. This gite, located a few kilometres from the route of the chemin de St Guilhem, despite being a little off the track, welcomes hikers on the road, and invites them not to hesitate to make the detour, to lodge at his home.

Following this meeting, which was properly closed by a sumptuous buffet, we evoked the possibility of joint actions between the two associations and Troupelade confirmed its connection to the Friends of St Guilhem.

Thus, hiking, but also culture and bonds of friendship, were the dominant themes of this evening outside of the elective and administrative tasks that occupied several hours and were shared by the old and the new president.

We wish Jean-Claude Loubet every success and a long term in this association that reigns over the magical world of the Blandas causse.

Association Troupelade: