Arches of Saint Pierre, Sèvres vase, China vase

Natural Heritage
GPS coordinate : 44.1941228 3.2292787

West of the Causse Méjean, along the Gorges de la Jonte, rocks with curious shapes stand: in the municipality of Saint-Pierre-des-Tripiers, you can see the “arches de Saint Pierre”, the “Sèvres Vase” and the “China Vase”. These beautiful and strange rock formations are due to the erosion of the dolomite.

The Arches of Saint Pierre are natural stone arches. They may be the result of the ebb and flow of the sea which covered the Grands Causses millions of years ago, or they may be the ruins of a former underground network which is now collapsed. The same path that leads to the arches of Saint Pierre takes the hikers alos to the “Dead Man Cave”. Archaeological investigations have been conducted in the 19th century and approximately 50 skeletons, which date from the Copper Age (about 35 000 years ago), were discovered.

arcs de st Pierre 4

Two amazing monoliths are called “Sèvres Vase” and “China Vase” because of their shapes.

Vase de Sèvres

Sèvres Vase

Vase de Chine

China Vase