Small-scaled rural heritage: shoeing frame, bread oven, drinking trough

Building Heritage

The shoeing frame was used to shoe animals that worked in the fields or were used for skidding. People shoed especially cows and oxen, which are calmer than horses. These shoeing frames are witnesses to the agricultural past of the Aubrac region; most of the time, they were located near the fountain and the bread oven, as it is the cas at Rieutort-d’Aubrac.

Fontaine abreuvoir, Rieutort d'Aubrac

Fountain and drinking trough, at Rieutort d’Aubrac

The banal oven is sometimes still used in some villages. The rounded shaped oven is made of carved stones or of bricks covered with sand to assure insulation. The wood and the tools that are necessary for bread making are stored in the bakery. There is often a little window, which is open during the baking.