The Mill of La Borie (Hures-la-Parade)

Building Heritage
GPS coordinate : 44.248 3.352

In 2010, inhabitants of the Causse Méjean undertook to restore the mill of La Borie, near the small hamlet of La Parade (Hures-la-Parade). This mill is one of the windmills that were built in the 17th and 18th centuries on the Causse Méjean. Some of them have completely fallen away. After a 5-years work, the mill of La Borie, which was nothing but a ruin, is entirely rebuilt and works again: since 2017 you can see its blades turning.

The mill’s renovation has enabled to continue a traditional activity and to develop an economic system that gives precedence to short circuits: the farmer grow cereals (which are often old varieties) on the causse; these cereals are ground in the local mill and, with the flour, the bread (called the “Méjeannette”) is baked locally to be sold to the inhabitants of the Causse Méjean.