The Roman way (Saint-Chély-d’Aubrac)

Building Heritage
GPS coordinate : 44.5965803 2.9816485

The village of Saint-Chély-d’Aubrac (Aveyron) is crossed by an old Roman way which linked Rodez (Segodunum) in the west and Javols (Anderitum) in the east. This route enabled also to go to farest big cities as Lyon in the north-east and Bordeaux in the south-west. From Les Enfrux to Le Pendouliou de Fabrègues, the route to Saint-Guilhem follows a part of this way : you can still see, at some places, the stones of the road. The 6 metres-wide way was delimited by roadsides made of vertical slabs. The road was made of basalt stones which were graded thanks to soil and gravel. This way existed for sure at least as soon as the beginning of the 1rst century p.C. (it may be possible that the Roman way reused a former Gallic way). The Roman way was probably rebuilt in the 3rd century p.C. : at least milestones have been added (some of them have been discovered).