Aubrac cattle

The Aubrac cattle is a French breed of domestic beef cattle, which originates on the Aubrac region. It has a wheat-coloured coat, and dark muzzle and eyes.

This hardy breed is perfectly adapted to the mountain climate and the harsh weather conditions of the Aubrac region: wind, cold, sudden temperature changes… In May, you can see the transhumance, which is a real celebration.  From May to October, in the mountain pasture, the animals graze freely day and night and feed on a very rich and varied vegetation, which guarantees a meat of unbeatable quality.


Formerly, the Aubrac cattle was kept by the “buronniers” (the men who lived during the summer in the “burons” – little houses in the mountain pasture where they made cheese): the animals were milked to make laguiole and tomme, two emblematic cheeses of the area. However, today the almost all the animals are raised for meat.

The cow delivers a calf once a year, most of the time without help. The calf is strong from birth and spends the first months of its life in the Aubrac meadows with its mother.

_A196649 Patrick de Boissieu _A196692Rc  Patrick de Boissieu

During the transhumance, cows are adorned with flowers.

(Transhumance photo credit: Patrick de Boissieu)