The common genet (Genetta genetta) is a small and shy carnivorous mammal, with a black speckled fur and a long ringed tail.

It is difficult to see a genet, because it is a nocturnal animal, but it is possible to seek traces of its passage thanks to its excrement: in fact, genets defecate at specific latrine sites, which are often located at the edge of their territories.

During the day, the genet rests in hollow trees, among thickets, in a vacant burrow…

Even if the genet is an excellent climber, it hunts mainly on the ground. It feeds especially on little rodents, but also, to a lesser extent, on birds and insects, and occasionnally on fruits or berries.

In France, the genet had been hunted for a long time for its fur, but it is now a protected species. In its natural environment, the genet lives about 10 years.

Photo: Nicolas Guérin.

Photo: Nicolas Guérin.