Great yellow gentian

The Great yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea) is very abundant on the plateau of Aubrac. This flower can measure up to 1,5 metre high, is capable of living for up to 50 years and blooms for the first time when it is from 7 to 10 years old. So please don’t cut it! You can see it on the paths and in the fields from June to August.

The gentian is used for different purposes. Its rhizome (the long root that can measure up to 1 metre and weigh up to 5 kg) is used to make famous aperitifs as gentian liqueur or Gentian (Suze, Salers).

Gentiane jaune (à ne pas confondre avec le vérâtre blanc, qui est violemment toxique !)

Great yellow gentian (not to be confused with white veratrum, Veratrum album, which is highly toxic!)

In the hamlet of Aubrac, this flower is celebrated by a contemporary statue of the Virgin called Our Lady of Gentians: in a field at the edge of the village, the Virgin raises her child toward the sky. The child is sleeping, with his head on his mother’s.

Notre Dame des Gentianes

Our Lady of Gentians