Griffon vulture

The Griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) is a protected species.
This soaring bird (wingspan : 2m50) had disappeared from the region of the grands causses, victim of poisoning of “vermin”, lack of food (leaving carcasses of dead livestock was forbidden) and massacres by trophy hunters …

Reintroduced by the National Park in the gorges de la jonte since 1967, now almost 300 nest in the totality of the Causses, appreciating the thermic currents at the crossing of the gorges du Tarn and the gorges de la Jonte.

This is one of the biggest birds in Europe, an adult weighing 8 to 10 kilos and a meter in length and lays only one egg each year.

Silhouette in flight : wide and very long wings, with extremities rounded by the widely spread out tips ; short, dark coloured, square tail and a small head retracted into his collar.
Fawn feathers contrast with the almost black plumage of the tail feathers and the pale bands under the wings. The head and neck are covered in a white duvet. He likes to eat and sleep in company.
He doesn’t hunt, his food is exclusively composed of remains. They are sedentary after reaching a late maturity at four years old. Coloured brown with a white neck, the young are partial migrators and greyish. Gregarious species.

Voice : croaks and whistles (only in the nesting season).

Habitat: roams everywhere, but usually in mountains; nests in ledges of rock walls.

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Fawn coloured vultures