Short-toed eagle

The Short-toed eagle (Circaetus gallicus) is a medium-sized bird of prey. You can easily observe it when it flies or when it is perched in a tree or on a rock. The upper parts of its plumage are brown, but when you seeit flying, it can be easily recognised by its predominantly white underside (with little brown flecks). It has an owl-like rounded head, with yellow eyes.

When quartering open country, it frequently hovers like a kestrel in order to locate its preys.

This migratory bird comes back in spring, when snakes reappears. In fact, the short-toed eagle feeds on reptiles, mainly snakes but also lizards. It swallows the preys whole, so that it can still digest the head of the snake when the tail is still visible. The short claws of the bird are well adapted to this sort of preys.

The short-toed eagle nests on trees, and need a great stillness to reproduce successfully. It raises only one young per year.

Circaète Jean-le-blanc - Aigle serpentaire