Wild garlic

Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) is also called bear’s garlic because of the legend that this animal eats this plant to purge itself after winter hibernation.

This 20-50 cm high plant has white blossoms. It can be found in shaded undergrowth where it sometimes forms large colonies. When its leaves are slightly wrinkled, it releases a smell of garlic.

Its leaves can be eaten as a vegetable or as a condiment. The flower buds (which can be picked from April to June) are also edible. Harvest period ends when the plant blossoms.

Be careful: before flowering, wild garlic may be mistaken with lily-of-the-valley, autumn crocus, ornithogalum or other poisonous plants! However, grinding the leaves between the fingers and checking for a garlic-like smell can be helpful.

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