Forum of associations at le Vigan

Every year at the Vigan (30120), the Association Forum is held in the sports hall of the town.

Organised this year by the “Espace pour tous”, this friendly day is a opportunity to exchange, not only between associations and those they interest, but also between the active members themselves.

The Friends of the Way of St Guilhem were there and many contacts were established, on this occasion, with people of the region who were able to obtain information or, having traveled the route, were able to give their impressions and to share their views.

The assessments are, for the most part, very positive, which confirms the e-mail responses regularly assessed by the association. The variety and beauty of the landscapes comes first in the observations. The hosting is well appreciated for most of the accommodations which are however, perceived as being below the level of the chemin of St Jacques on the whole. Criticisms on the comfort or the cleanliness are rare, but still there could be efforts made, as hikers these days are demanding a certain quality of service, which is their right. The welcome is a primary criteria.

Local representatives also visited our booth and expressed their satisfaction for the constructive, inter-departmental and even inter-regional work of our association. A variant project was presented to us by a General Counselor, but we told him that the chemin de Saint Guilhem already has a variant (itineraries one and two) and that it was not envisaged to propose another alternative, not to open the door to an excess of variants that would be detrimental to the readability of this itinerary. We need to be vigilant on this point.

This is why our association has invested in the protection (INPI) of the chemin de Saint Guilhem brand and logo, which will also make it possible to offer certain products (T-shirts, etc.) for sale, benefiting from this protection.

A host also made contact and we consulted the maps together so that his lodging could be listed on our site in the section: Accommodation nearby.

Next week we will be attending a trade show : Green-France at Clermont-Ferrand.