This epic cycle includes several different songs. Together, they tell William’s life.   William’s Youth (Les enfances Guillaume) This song deals with a first meeting – and even a first romance – between William and Orable. It has clearly been written after the other songs of the cycle. While young William, son of Aymeri of Narbonne, has left his home town and is on the way to Paris where Charlemagne sends for him, the pagan king Thibaut moves towards Orange where he is on the verge to marry its sovereign, the Saracen princess Orable. William intercepts the ambassadors who come….

This site will respond, hopefully, to the requests of hikers and hosts that have reached us in recent years. The old site, however well informed, had nevertheless aged and the ranking of its topics, lacked clarity for the users. It was also necessary to integrate contemporary digital technology and change the design, to make it more professional. The liquidated association of Friends of the Aigoual, having capital to distribute, made a significant donation to the association of Friends of the Way of St Guilhem, which allowed the development of this new tool. We, representing all the active members of Way….

Due to difficulties related to non-renewed passes and the presence of sheepdogs, the GR 7 route was redesigned between the towns of Montdardier and Blandas. It should be noted that the GRs are often subject to the permission of the owners. When the parcels crossed are private property, that permission can be withdrawn, in the case of problems. This is why we recommend that hikers behave in an exemplary manner so that they do not have to deal with such situations. The new itinerary is online on the interactive map of the site of Chemin de St Guilhem (TM) Which….

La Comédie des Cévennes (Fair of the Cévennes) in Montpellier kept a booth for the grand hiking paths. The Chemin de Saint Guilhem™ was there beside the Chemin de la Régordane and that of Stevenson. We made many good contacts there, with hikers and interested people and the Chemin de Saint Guilhem™ attracted a lot of interest. Thanks to the organisers and till next year

The mediaeval days of the CHEMIN DE SAINT GUILHEM™ At Espérou (Valleraugue) – The Vigan and Avèze In partnership with the Departmental Committee of Tourism in the Gard The communes of Vigan and Avèze The communities of the communes of the territories of Vigan and of Aigoual. The association of Friends of the Chemin de St Guilhem inaugurated this historic footpath 240 km long, recently renovated to meet the demand of hikers and pilgrims and to forge a new economic network on the four departments and two regions concerned. Friday 27 may 2011 at Espérou (commune of Valleraugue) a presentation….

A lot of humor in this comic strip that follows the trek of a couple of city dwellers and their impressions day by day along the chemin of St Guilhem. A big thank you to Marie Dubois who is very talented. You can see the comic on this page Which will take you to Marie Dubois’ site, definitely worth a visit : Enjoy!

On June 11, a large crowd climbed, some on foot, and others by car, on the paths leading to the site of Roqueprins, which dominates the town of La Canourgue and on which, a via ferrata has recently been installed. The mayor, Jacques Blanc, accompanied by the General Councillor Henri Blanc, the representative of the Prefect and his advisers, presented this project, other similar sites have been equipped like this in the Lozère. Then it was the turn of the Way of Saint Guilhem to be presented by the president of the association who had no difficulty convincing his audience….

Following a bad fall (there are rarely any good ones), the president, Pierre Muller, suffers from a vertebral compaction. He will therefore spend this summer 2012 in a well adjusted corset with little mobility. No hike, alas, in perspective! Nevertheless, this will have no impact on the work of the association, which continues despite the cancellation of our Board of Directors as a result of this accident. The work in progress concerns the realisation of the work plan proposed by Isabelle Plane that authorises a state subsidy to develop the Chemin de St Guilhem. Some improvements to our site are….

The heavy rains of the winter of 2011-2012 resulted in the destruction of a footbridge on the route of GR 60, 66, 7 and 71, on the Chemin de Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, located to the south of the Esperou (point 1179). A diversion allowing the crossing of the Pueylong creek by road bridge was signposted: Leave the village of the Esperou by the south (RD 548a then RD 548), keeping the Farm of Pueylong to the right, cross the bridge then: – For hikers of GR 60 and GR 7 (Chemin de Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert), continue the RD 548 on for 80 m. Then….

An association invites the Friends of chemin de St Guilhem Troupelade is an association which currently has seventy-five congenial members and offers them activities based on hiking, walks or WE, and which sometimes travel far, like to Wales, where a couple of members have their origins. This dynamic association is constantly evolving and grows from one year to the next. The increasing membership requires a more elaborate degree of organisation, since it’s not possible to manage a hundred people as we would four! Troupelade also offers “yoga” to its members, an activity which is connected to the hike through initiation….

Every year at the Vigan (30120), the Association Forum is held in the sports hall of the town. Organised this year by the “Espace pour tous”, this friendly day is a opportunity to exchange, not only between associations and those they interest, but also between the active members themselves. The Friends of the Way of St Guilhem were there and many contacts were established, on this occasion, with people of the region who were able to obtain information or, having traveled the route, were able to give their impressions and to share their views. The assessments are, for the most….

In Clermont-Ferrand, the Green France trade fair brought together tourism professionals from the Auvergne region and the Massif Central to the Polydome in a very calm and studious atmosphere. Contacts were made on this occasion by our association which was able to note the “eco-responsible” will of the organisers (photo) who had arranged recyclable meal trays and efficient sorting of the waste baskets. The Pays Aigoual Cévennes was also present, as well as the representative of the association that develops Nordic sports in Auvergne and which recently took over the development plan of the chemin de St Guilhem at our….

From 4 to 7 April 2013, the Lozère Tourist Board organised a micro market at place Bellecourt in Lyon. A tent was reserved for St Guilhem Way’s stand and it was animated by Isabelle Plane and Pierre Muller, despite a Siberian cold and persistent humidity! But in spite of these winter weather conditions, the Lyonnais welcomed this representation of Lozère, coming to meet them at home. The new brochures and logbooks of the chemin de St Guilhem disappeared like hot cakes and the exchanges were fruitful for interested people. Many seniors already knew this route or had heard of it…..

February 20 th 2013 will be a date to remember for the members of the Friends of the chemin of St Guilhem. Indeed, the agreement signed with the Park that day, follows the two previously signed with the Departmental Committee of Tourism of Lozère and the department of Gard. We agreed that for a period of three years they will facilitate exchanges between the signing parties, who must meet at least once a year and will make use of the interconnections. On the other hand, an icon dedicated to the chemin of Saint Guilhem will soon be revealed, and the….

MAY 23 IN LE VIGAN The municipality of Vigan hosted in the town hall, around a glass of friendship and in the presence of the mayor and councilor general of the township Eric Doulcier and the local press, a couple of hikers come from far to experience the Chemin de Saint Guilhem. He is an English teacher of Australian origin living in Hong Kong with a Spanish partner. They have already come to the south of France, which they appreciate very much and have traveled around the world for about thirty years. Peter worked, at one time with the James….

Visitors who come form far… Photo en mairie du Vigan > de gauche à droite : Jean-Louis Arbre – Association « La Draille » Jean-Claude Loubet – Association « Troupelade » Eric Doulcier – Town hall and general counsellor of Le Vigan Peter & Carina – Our guests from Hong Kong Pierre Muller – Association of the Friends of the Chemin de St Guilhem Last winter, a letter caught my attention. The address was as follows : Friends of the way of St Guilhem Town hall 30120 LE VIGAN I noticed that the stamp was “Hong Kong” and became curious….

On June 7, 2013, in the Salle du Pays du Vigan, some fifty people were able to discover a short video on the Chemin de Saint Guilhem. Roger CARRON, a member of the association, spent about sixty hours making this film from aerial shots he recorded himself and from photographs. For about 25 minutes, accompanied by classical music, the virtual overview of the territories allowed us to visualise the itinerary and the performance of Roger Carron was very much appreciated by the public present. The flyover of the gorges du Tarn, in particular, was impressive, as was the cirque de….

It was one of the black spots on the chemin de St Guilhem’s … But it’s getting better! Companies are mobilising to transport luggage on the route of the Chemin de St Guilhem. Allo Taxi’Cab in Saint-Guilhem the Desert: 06 09 38 78 78: This one proposes its services between your stages to transport your bags and luggage from Le Vigan to the arrival point in St Guilhem-the-Desert. It can take you to Gignac or to Montpellier or take you directly to your starting point. For more information go to its website by clicking here and also here Other taxi….

I am a, sometimes awkward hiker, on a peaceful path, that of Saint-Guilhem By Peter Sherwood, Australian writer living in Hong Kong «As far as I’m concerned, I do not travel to get somewhere. I travel to travel. The important thing is to move.» Robert Louis Stevenson, «Travels with a donkey in the Cevennes», 1879 It was not quite the same trip: Stevenson did not leave Hong Kong like me. First we find ourselves compressed in an aluminum box and projected into space from a vast Chinese trading center to transit to another, in an even more enormous center(65 million….