the chemin de Saint-Guilhem™

Hikers understand very well : The Chemin de Saint Guilhem is a treasure of a journey and an unforgettable hiking experience of around twelve days, crossing the landscapes and impressive sites of the Aubrac plateau, the “Causses” and the Cevennes.
Listed in UNESCO world heritage under the title of Mediterranean agricultural countryside, these infinitely spacious territories, which remain unspoiled, add great appeal to the Chemin de Saint Guilhem which crosses them from north to south, and is classified as the “Grande Traversée pédestre du Massif-central” (GTMC) or (Great Footpath across the Massif-central).

Signaling of
the Chemin de Saint-Guilhem™

With, as objective, improving the hiker’s comfort, friends of chemin de Saint Guilhem have surveyed the trails from Aubrac to the Hérault valley to post new signs for « Saint Guilhem » at strategic points along the principal route and its variant.
Be aware : The signs indicate only in the direction north to south.

Balisage Principale
Balisage Variante