Our goals

The association of the friends of chemin de Saint Guilhem, created in February 2009, makes its goal to promote this trail in partnership with geographic players, local residents, members of institutions and the FFRandonee as well as any action which seeks to maintain this project, as much logistically as culturally.

Its headquarters are in Le Vigan (30120) and its board members live in the towns of Le Vigan, Meyrueis, Aumont-Aubrac and La Canourgue, each of these being a stage on the chemin de Saint Guilhem™.

Its funds come from local communities, from the departments and the regions concerned, from grants given by different organisations as well as contributions from members. They could also come from the sale of any products or services which are in harmony with its goals.

Anyone can be a member, by being sponsored by a member of the board and up to date with their contributions.

There are approximately eighty hosts, situated along the route, who are members of the association.

The association of the Friends of the Chemin de Saint Guilhem ™ is a development tool for ongoing tourism and is non-denominational.

The board members

The board members are a group representing four geographic regions and ten municipal communities.